We are a Nonprofit organization whose mission is empower single mothers and "GirlChild" orphans through education and etiquette skills.  

Email: mmwithmsb@gmail.com

Phone: 484-356-8935

Registered Charity: 27-4018959

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AGES 13 - 18

The Minding Manners With Ms B program is designed to empower young women with self-esteem, elegance and promise. The goal is to teach them  to become young women by learning social skills, how to maintain positive and nurturing relationships, and how to present herself properly and so much more. Young women will begin to gain self confidence, make better grades, choices, and improve their attitudes at home, school and church. The Minding Manners With Ms B is designed for girls 13 - 18 years old to develop leadership skills for teens through personal, social and professional training.


                    AGES 6 - 9

We believe leaders can be developed at a young age.  Our Little Ladies Etiquette Workshops help to build strong, insightful, respectful and well-rounded little girls. The program presents a healthy balance between pride and self-worth and teaches the Little Ladies to value themselves and recognize positive and negative messages they receive regarding their self-worth. Our Little Ladies learn age appropriate social graces, poise and the etiquette required to open doors and take her to the next level.  Above all, each little lady learns that she is destined for greatness in all that she does.

Pre-TEEN:  AGES 10 - 12

Participants will be introduced to social graces as well as practical life skills.  they will learn how to build strong relationships, personal development and health as a young lady. 

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YOUNG WOMEN'S ETIQUETTE:                         AGES 19-35

This program is designed to equip young women with the tools needed to effectively lead within their homes, families, and communities.

Areas of lessons covered includes:

A Lady's Spirituality, Leadership, Finances, Interpersonal Relationships, Business Skills, Social Graces and much more...

Sessions are offered to Individuals, Groups, Families, Churches, Social Organizations  and more....

Contact us for a personalized session.

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Our workshops  in Zimbabwe are designed to teach the participants how to conduct themselves in all types of social settings.  Normally the groups will be divided according to age so they can learn age appropriate lessons.  The older ladies are given the tools  to build and sustain their businesses.

Note:  We are always looking for sponsors to help the  ladies start and sustain their own businesses.  

We also have a Pen-pal program for the school age participants where they keep a written communication and relationship with other girls in the United States.

You can sign up to be a sponsor or a Pen-pal.