What We Do At Ms B Tea Room

Welcome to Ms B Tea Room.  Here you will get an experience of tea drinking for a cause/purpose.  Ms B Tea Room provides a platform for people to come and be treated like "ROYALTY".

 The purpose for the tea events is to have a conversation with women, about women and be aware of issues that affect women and girls.  Proceeds from the tea events go to Ms B's women and girls programs. 

Tea events are designed for age five (5) and up.  With every cup of tea you sip, you are making a big difference in someone's life.

Together, we can INVEST in our girls and EXPOSE them to social settings that will change the way they view themselves.  Our GOAL and HOPE is to prepare them by instilling in them confidence and independence  and more...  

So, "Join me for a cup of Tea For A Cause" 


Email: mmwithmsb@gmail.com

Phone: 484-356-8935

Registered Charity: 27-4018959

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Me B at Ms B Tea Room