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Manners With Ms B

We are a Nonprofit organization and our mission is to Change lives in Urban Communities through teaching Etiquette and social graces.  

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Bongai Mhloyi (Ms B)


I am the Founder and Executive Director of American & African Youth Leadership Foundation (AAYLF). This is a  non profit organization 501©3 that serves women and youth  in under served communities. We are based in Coatesville, PA and in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa.

  I possess a Bachelors of Arts in Social Relations and an Associates of Arts in Special Education from Cheyney University of Pennsylvania. I specialize in business development & etiquette consulting.  I have more than 20 years of experience working with youth in Chester County, PA as well as in Zimbabwe which is where I am originally from. 


Our mission is to impact lives of  women and youth (boys and girls)  through leadership training, leadership development, professional enrichment and social graces training.  

Our Moto is to prepare "Tomorrow's Leaders Today!"



I am certified as an etiquette consultant by the National Association of Urban Etiquette Professionals (NAUEP), an organization that focuses on spreading the message of civility throughout urban communities in the US and abroad.


Under the umbrella of American & African Youth Leadership Foundation (AAYLF) we have various programs such as Ms B’s Ladies By Design, Minding Manners With Ms B, Little Ladies Club, Teen Leadership Course, Young Women’s Leadership Course, more……


Since 2010, we have impacted more than two hundred(200) families in Coatesville, PA and more than one hundred(100) women’s lives in Zimbabwe have been taken to a higher level through our work. We have partnered with many  organizations and individuals in Chester County to continue changing lives.  In Zimbabwe more than three single mother are now entrepreneurs and are hiring other women as a result of the assistance they received from AAYLF.


It humbles me to see women , girls, and boys coming to me with a big smile on their faces and say, “Thank you Ms B” for teaching me etiquette or whatever it is they got out of our programs. They give me the strength to want to continue providing these programs no matter how difficult it is financial.

I thank God always for putting me in a position to do what I do and for giving me the desire to do it.  I am forever greatfull.

Anyone can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Vision

  • Raise awareness about etiquette and civility

  • Teach etiquette and debutante workshops in      local community

  • Advocate for etiquette through annual and         workshops and activities

  • Teach modern-day etiquette in schools,               churches, individuals, and organizations


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower  urban communities through etiquette.