We are a Nonprofit organization whose mission is empower single mothers and "GirlChild" orphans through education and etiquette skills.  

Email: mmwithmsb@gmail.com

Phone: 484-356-8935

Registered Charity: 27-4018959

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Bongai Mhloyi (Ms B)


My name is Bongai Mhloyi, born and raised in Zimbabwe and came to the USA in 1985 in search of a better educaytion and better life.

After working as a socila worker in PA for more than twenty years, I started  the American & African YOuth Leadership Foundation in the hopes of helping the girls in undersefrved communities both in PA but mostly in Zimbabwe where I grew up.My passion is to help the 'GirlChild" orphans since they are the most valnurable. 

My organizationn helps them focus on education not forced child marriages therefore, equipping them with necessary tools needed for their success.

My moto is "Touching Tomorrow's Leaders Today".


AAYLF mission is to Empower Women and Girls through education.


AAYLF gives young girls an opportunity to postpone marriages and focus on education, allowing them to break the cycle of poverty

Anyone can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Help us break the cycle of poverty by making a contribution to our organiztion